Mountrose. Hand-Maids

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Mountrose. Hand-Maids 1.jpg

Mountrose. Hand-Maids


Mountrose, I.L. The Hand-Maids of Java or, recipes for baked-goods to eat alongside coffee. [Oxford]: The Bodleian Press, 2014.

Octavo: (7 1/2” x 8 1/4”, 191mm x 135mm). A8. 8 leaves, pp. [1], blank, [12], blank, [1].

Pamphlet, sewn with red thread. Unbound. Approximately 85 copies printed; the type has been struck.

This booklet was printed in Oxford at the Bodleian Press (also called the Bibliography Room), using type (with pre-1800 character forms and ligatures) and a mid-XIXc Albion press from the Oxford University Press, on Zerkall mould-made paper. Containing eight recipes and an essay on the nature of baking, the pamphlet is a small but heart-felt offering. A colophon on the final page reads:

Libellum manu & mente complecteris
manu Montrosæ auctoris impressum
cum Paulo W. Nash adjutore
typis Bodleianæ

The little book you grasp in hand and mind
was printed by the hand of the author, Mountrose,
with the assistance of Paul W. Nash
at the Bodleian Press

Nash superintended the Bodleian Press until 2015, when it was transferred to the Bodleian Library proper; until then it had been for several years in residence at the Story Museum, Oxford. “I.L. Mountrose” is a pseudonym.

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